Contact us for you intial consultation today! Our liscence therapist will care for your body.

Emergency care

Pain Management

Ensure that you have a copy of the police and intial medical report from the emergency care units. We can help you navigate this process moving forward to getting you the right service for pain management.

Legal Services

Legal Services

We work with lawyers who specialize in this area of legal practice everyday.  Allow us to introduce you to the best in Florida.



Get an expert medical examination through our accident specialists today. They will be a critical part of assesment for the future living.

Medical Review

Diagnostic Imaging

Allow us to guide you to attaining your Xrays and/or MRI services to understand and review any damages. Once you are going through the process, it is necessary to indentify the best course plan for your life and health.



We know that an accident is a tramatic experience. We can discuss rental cars, property damage, doctors, lawyers, loss of wages as an all inclusive assistance to you. Allow Accident Experts bring you to the people who truly care.